XS Energy Drinks

XS Energy Drinks comes in various flavors...
What's your flavor passion?

Did you know that XS Energy Drinks is loaded with vitamin B-12?  Most Energy Drinks have less than 100% of your daily minimums, but XS Energy Drinks has 4900%!  What that means is that you get your energy from vitamins and not from sugar.  Why is that better?  Vitamins are naturally good for our bodies!  If you get your energy from sugar all that leads to is calories and sugar crashes.

Did you know that the leading Energy Drinks have an average of 6 teaspoons (30gm) of sugar per can?  XS is dominating its competition because it is not only loaded with vitamin B-12 but there is ZERO SUGAR!  You know what else?  There are also NO CARBS!  How awesome is that?

So when you need great tasting energy (15 delicious flavors), look no further because XS wins in both flavor and energy!

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Big Sean: People should holla when I say "Amp Up Your Lifestyle" because it means to energize and motivate yourself to greater passion as well as inspiration to try XS Energy Drinks.  

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